Cantaloupe Charge Is It Legit?

Cantaloupe is a payment processor for vending machines.

What is a cantaloupe charge on my bank account?

You may encounter this when using a credit or debit card to pay for vending machine purchases. The contact information for Cantaloupe is listed below.

Cantaloupe, Inc.

100 Deerfield Lane, Suite 300, Malvern, PA 19355 USA

Canatloupe Customer Service Phone Number:  800-633-0340
Canatloupe Phone Number: 610-989-0340

About Cantaloupe:

Cantaloupe, Inc. is a global technology company that specializes in self-service commerce. With over a million active locations worldwide, Cantaloupe processes more than a billion transactions every year, empowering businesses of all sizes to offer self-service experiences for consumers.

Cantaloupe $5 Pre-Authorization Charge Explained:

Cantaloupe authorizes pre-authorize $5 for all purchases. The actual charged amount may be lower than $5 and this will be updated in your credit card statement or your banking statement. The final purchase amount will take 24-72 Hours to appear. Also, you may see SNACK SODA VENDING which is from Cantaloupe as well.
cantaloupe malvern pa

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Understanding Charges from Vending Machines and Micro Markets

When you make a debit or credit card transaction at a micro market or vending machine, it’s important to recognize the potential charges that may appear on your statement. These charges could be associated with various providers, including 365 Market, National Entertainment, CSC Service Works, Snack Soda Vending, Parlevel Texas, Nayax, Pepsiven, CMSVEND, Auto Air, CCB, or Market Work.

Other Credit Card Charges That You May Encounter

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