Encountering unfamiliar charge codes on a credit card statement can be a cause for concern. Among the codes reported by users, “NAYAX LLC 20 HUNT VALLEY MD” has come to our attention. This article seeks to clarify this specific charge for you.

About NAYAX LLC Charge

NAYAX LLC is an industry leader in cashless payment solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing how businesses process these transactions. Recognized globally, NAYAX champions innovative technologies, enabling businesses to adopt a multitude of payment methods, from traditional credit and debit cards to more modern mobile payments.

Nayax LLC Contact Information:

Address: Nayax LLC, 11350 McCormick Road, Executive Plaza III, Suite 1001, Hunt Valley, MD 21031, USA
Phone: 410-753-0499
Nayax Website:


Refund or Overcharge from Nayax

In instances where an individual has made a purchase from a vending machine or engaged with other unattended services such as a kiddie ride, air-vac, or car wash, their bank statement might reflect a charge attributed to “Nayax” instead of the specific business entity. This typically indicates that the said individual has transacted with a business that employs Nayax’s payment solutions.

Should there be a discrepancy where the amount charged on a bank statement or credit card bill exceeds the advertised price of the product or service, it’s possible that the business operator has incorporated an additional service fee for credit card usage. Such surcharges are usually transparently indicated on the respective machines via a sticker. It’s also worth noting that some machines temporarily hold the maximum transaction amount, only releasing the excess post the final selection. For inquiries or clarifications regarding charges by Nayax, individuals are encouraged to visit:

Understanding the NAYAX LLC Charge

The “NAYAX LLC 20 HUNT VALLEY MD” charge on your statement represents a transaction facilitated by this payment solutions provider. Through this article, our goal is to help users interpret this charge by offering detailed insights into its nature and potential implications.
If “NAYAX LLC 20 HUNT VALLEY MD” has appeared on your statement and left you wondering, this piece aims to shed light on its origins and significance. By comprehending the role and expanse of NAYAX LLC within the payment ecosystem, you can approach your financial statements with more confidence.

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Understanding Charges from Vending Machines and Micro Markets

When you make a debit or credit card transaction at a micro market or vending machine, it’s important to recognize the potential charges that may appear on your statement. These charges could be associated with various providers, including USA Technology, 365 Market, National Entertainment, CSC Service Works, Snack Soda Vending, Parlevel Texas,  Pepsiven, CMSVEND, Cantaloupe, CCB, or Market Work.

Other Charges You May Encounter When Using Vending Machines:


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