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Credit card statements can sometimes be confusing, especially when encountering unfamiliar charge codes. One such charge code that may have caught your attention is “NAYAX LLC 20 HUNT VALLEY MD.” In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve deep into the intricacies of this charge code, uncovering its meaning and shedding light on its implications on your credit card statement.

Decoding “NAYAX Vending LLC 20 HUNT VALLEY MD” on Your Credit Card Statement

Understanding Credit Card Statements

Credit card statements provide a monthly summary of your transactions, giving you an overview of your purchases and payments within a billing cycle. They are vital for tracking expenses and managing your finances effectively.

Significance of Charge Codes

Charge codes are alphanumeric codes assigned to each transaction on your credit card statement. They help credit card companies and merchants track and categorize purchases. Understanding charge codes is crucial for identifying transactions, especially when the merchant’s name may not be explicitly mentioned.

Introduction to NAYAX LLC

NAYAX LLC is a leading global provider of cashless payment solutions. Their mission is to revolutionize the way businesses handle transactions by offering innovative technologies that enable businesses to accept various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, mobile payments, and more.

Purpose of this Article

The primary purpose of this blog post is to shed light on the charge code “NAYAX LLC 20 HUNT VALLEY MD” that you may have noticed on your credit card statement. We will explore its significance, decipher its meaning, and provide you with the necessary information to understand the transaction associated with this charge code.

Understanding Charge Codes

Charge codes are unique identifiers assigned to specific types of purchases or transactions. They consist of alphanumeric strings that categorize different goods or services. Charge codes are crucial for analyzing spending patterns and providing detailed transaction information.

How Charge Codes Appear on Credit Card Statements

Charge codes are often listed alongside transaction descriptions on credit card statements. They provide a concise and standardized way of categorizing purchases, making it easier to identify and track transactions.

Why Charge Codes May Differ from the Company Name

Charge codes may differ from the actual merchant or business name for various reasons. This can occur when third-party payment processors handle transactions on behalf of businesses. Additionally, a parent company’s name may be used for billing purposes, or merchants may have multiple charge codes for different types of transactions.

Other Charges you May Encounter on your Credit Card Statements:


Snack Soda Vending


CAT Sales

Significance of Charge Codes for Transaction Tracking

Charge codes play a vital role in tracking transactions and resolving billing disputes. They help cardholders identify and categorize expenses accurately. When disputing a charge, providing the charge code to your credit card issuer assists in the investigation process.


Overview of NAYAX LLC

NAYAX LLC is a global provider of cashless payment solutions, specializing in technologies for various industries such as vending machines, kiosks, and more. Their goal is to simplify payment processes and enhance customer experiences through secure and convenient payment methods.

NAYAX LLC Services and Products

NAYAX LLC offers a range of products and services that enable businesses to accept cashless payments. Their product portfolio includes payment terminals, telemetry devices, and an advanced management suite for monitoring and controlling payment operations.

Common Reasons for Encountering “NAYAX LLC 20 HUNT VALLEY MD Vending”

Encountering the charge code “NAYAX LLC 20 HUNT VALLEY MD” can be due to various reasons:
1. Vending Machine or Kiosk Transactions: NAYAX LLC’s payment solutions are commonly used in vending machines and self-service kiosks.
2. Amusement or Arcade Machines: NAYAX LLC’s payment solutions are integrated into amusement or arcade machines.
3. Retail or Service Businesses: NAYAX LLC’s payment solutions are employed by various retail businesses and service providers.

Identifying the Location: Hunt Valley, MD

The “20 HUNT VALLEY MD” component of the charge code refers to the location associated with the transaction. Hunt Valley, Maryland, is a suburban community known for its businesses. It could be the hub for NAYAX LLC’s operations or the location of a merchant utilizing their payment solutions.

Contacting NAYAX LLC for Further Clarification or a Refund

If you need further clarification regarding the “NAYAX LLC 20 HUNT VALLEY MD” charge code, you can contact NAYAX LLC directly. Visit their website or reach out to the merchant associated with the charge for assistance.


Phone Number: 1-410-666-3800
Refund Form: Refund Link

NAYAX Charge

Resolving Disputes and Seeking Assistance

When encountering unfamiliar charge codes, it’s important to follow these steps:
1. Review Transaction Details: Carefully examine the associated charge code, transaction amount, and description.
2. Verify with Authorized Users: Check with authorized users who may have made the transaction.
3. Check for Confirmation Emails or Receipts: Look for records of the transaction in your email or physical receipts.
4. Research the Charge Code: Conduct an online search for the charge code and associated keywords for insights into the transaction. If you suspect fraudulent activity, contact your credit card issuer, freeze or cancel your card, and monitor your account for further unauthorized transactions. For clarification on the charge code, contact NAYAX LLC directly or reach out to the associated merchant.

Understanding Charges from Vending Machines and Micro Markets

When you make a debit or credit card transaction at a micro market or vending machine, it’s important to recognize the potential charges that may appear on your statement. These charges could be associated with various providers, including USA Technology365 Market, National Entertainment, CSC Service Works, Snack Soda Vending, Parlevel Texas, Pepsiven, CMSVEND, Cantaloupe, CCB, or Market Work.

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