CAT SALES Credit Card Charge – Is It Legit?

If you see a descriptor labeled as  CAT Sales or cat sales on credit card charge, it might cause some confusion.

What is CAT SALES Charge on Credit Card, Debit Card, and Banking Statements?

cat sales charge on credit card

Our users have reported that this charge could be associated with Marathon Gas Stations. Here’s more information to help you understand this charge.

About Marathon Gas Stations

Marathon Petroleum Company LP is a recognized name in the petroleum industry, operating numerous service stations across the United States. They provide quality fuels and a variety of other services.

Contact Details for Marathon Petroleum Company LP:

Official Address:
Marathon Petroleum Company LP
539 South Main Street – P.O. Box 1
Findlay, Ohio 45839 USA

Main Office Phone Number: 419-422-2121

Website: Marathon Gas Stations Contact Page

CAT Sales

Understanding the CAT Sales Charge

The CAT Sales charge on your credit card statement could be related to a purchase or service you availed at a Marathon Gas Station. It could include fuel charges, convenience store purchases, or car wash services, among others.

However, if you don’t recognize the CAT Sales charge on your statement, consider the following:

A family member or friend who has access to your card might have used it at a Marathon Gas Station.
You may have made the transaction yourself but didn’t recognize the descriptor on your statement.
If none of these scenarios apply and you believe the charge may be fraudulent, contact your bank or credit card provider immediately to report the suspicious activity.

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Stay Alert

Always review your credit card and bank statements regularly to spot any unusual activity. If you see a charge you don’t recognize, it’s essential to act promptly to prevent any potential fraudulent activity on your account. Other charges you may see on your banking include PNP PaymentsMoneyline, HXPayements, or PAI ISO.

Please note that this post aims to provide helpful information. If you have specific questions or concerns about a CATSales charge on your credit card statement, please contact your bank or Marathon Petroleum directly.

What is cat sales on my credit card?

“CAT” typically stands for “Cardholder Activated Terminal.” These are terminals where the cardholder can initiate and complete a transaction without the assistance of the staff or any personnel. Examples include:
Self-service gas pumps: Where you can swipe or insert your card and fuel up without ever interacting with a cashier.
ATMs: Even though these are primarily for cash withdrawals, they are a type of CAT.
Self-checkout lanes in supermarkets or large retail stores.
Transport ticket vending machines: Such as those found in train stations or bus terminals.
Kiosks: In malls or other public areas where customers can make payments directly.

What is a cat transaction?

“When you see ‘CAT sales’ on your credit card statement, it refers to transactions made at a ‘Cardholder Activated Terminal.’ These are specific terminals that allow individuals to conduct transactions without the need for assistance from any staff. Examples of CATs include self-service fuel stations, ATMs, supermarket self-checkout lanes, ticket vending machines at transport stations, and payment kiosks in malls or public areas.”

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