PAI ISO Charge

PAI ISO Charge is listed on my banking and credit card account statements. What is this charge?

Charge Statement Code: PAI ISO ATM

CHARGE  may appear on your AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, debit Card, or bank statement.

This charge is from PAI or Payment Alliance International. PAI is an ATM management company, the charge may show up on your statement if you used a PAI ATM. The Company’s contact information is listed below.

PAI – Payment Alliance International

13551 Triton Park Blvd

Suite 1000

Louisville, KY 40223 USA

Customer Support: 1-877-271-2627


Hours:  24/7

Website: GoPAI

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What is PAI ISO Charge on my bank statement?

PAI ISO is usually from using an ATM that is managed by PAI which is short for Payment Alliance International.

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