google youtube charge – Is It Legit or a Scam?

Charge Code: google youtube

What is the Charge GOOGLE *YOUTUBE VIDEOS G.CO/PAYHELP# NS on My Bill Statement?

If you see the statement code GOOGLE *YOUTUBE VIDEOS G.CO/PAYHELP# NS on your bank or credit card account, it relates to a transaction made for YouTube videos, possibly for premium content or a YouTube subscription service.

This charge typically appears when you have paid for YouTube services such as YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, or a movie/TV show purchase or rental through Google Play.

For further information or assistance regarding this charge, you can reach out to Google Support:

If you believe the charge is incorrect, contact your bank or card issuer immediately.

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Remember to review your bank and credit card statements regularly to verify all transactions. If you find a charge you don’t recognize, it’s important to take immediate action to resolve the issue.

google youtube charge

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60.12 charge I did not authorize from Youtube

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September 13, 2023

My card youtube for 60.12

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