Dynamix Medical Charge On Credit Card – Is It Legit?

Charge Statement Code: Dynamix Medical

What is Dynamix Medical or Dynamix Total Products Charge on my Credit Card, Debit Card, and Banking Statements?

Have details or insights regarding the Dynamix medical supply credit card charge? Also, you may see Dynamix Total Products on your credit or debit card. Your expertise can help others. Please share in the comments below, and provide links and company contact information. Some are reporting a dynamix medical scam, is that the case? Please let us know.

Dynamix Medical Contact Information:

Address: 30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801

Phone Number: Information Needed Please Comment

Email: Information Needed Please Comment

Website: Information Needed Please Comment

Dynamix Medical

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Dynamix Medical charge me and how my card is accessed

September 21, 2023

Dynamix Medical, the number they say call is 833-278-2616 no answer so i need to know this is the second time my card has been charge for the amount of 239.99, I haven’t got anything. Someone to give me a call or some and give my money back.

Alexis Biscoe

Unauthorized charge from Dynamix

September 6, 2023

Unauthorized charge on my card I would like for it to stop. Thanks

Bryan Miller

Charge on my credit card from Dynamix - Not Authorized

September 5, 2023

I noticed a charge on my Sam’s credit card that I did not authorize. I do not know who is company is or where they are located. They charged my card $198.98. I did not order anything from this company nor have I received anything from this company.

Teresa Dezendorf

Unauthorized charge by Dynamix

September 4, 2023

I check my bank account twice a day, morning and night EXACTLY FOR THIS REASON!

Judi Volpe

Fraudulent Charge from Dynamix Medical

September 4, 2023

Unauthorized charge on my card for $159.98. I don’t know who this company is or what this is for. This is a fraudulent charge and they are scamming lots of people’s bank accounts.

Wanda Hudson

239.99 charge on my card from Dynamix Medical

September 1, 2023

239.99 charge on my card from Dynamix Medical I would like it to stop.

Stephanie Coggins

$239.99 unauthorized charge - DYNAMIX MEDICAL

August 28, 2023

VISA AUTHORIZATION 348012x DYNAMIX MEDICAL 2023-08-27 09.12.14

Barbara Reed

Who us this Dynamix Medical and why they charge my debit card 129.99

August 27, 2023

I don’t know this Company and how did they get debit info and charge me for something I didn’t even buy. The number my bank gave me is 8332782616. I called this number and they didn’t even say who they were and said to call on business hour 8am to 4pm eastern time. Who us this people and can I get a refund for nothing I purchase.

Jenn M

239.99 charge on my card from Dynamix Medical

August 27, 2023

I was charged even though I never completed the check out process. I called the bank to block the pending payment and the said it was too late. I’d have to call the seller.

meg elliott

Fraudulent charge on my checking account from Dynamics medical

August 26, 2023

I was charged $129 on my checking account by a Dynamics medical and I have nothing to do with this company

Tina and Tom Patrick