18004intuit Charge – Is It Legit or a Scam?

Charge Code: 18004INTUIT

What Does INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA Mean on My Bank Statement?

If you’re seeing the charge code *INTUIT 18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA on your bank or card statement, this refers to a charge from Intuit Inc. This renowned company provides financial management software solutions like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint.

Intuit Inc. Contact Information:

  • Official Address: 2632 Marine Way, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
  • Phone Number: 800-446-8848
  • Customer Service: 1-800-446-8848

Understanding Intuit Inc. Charge Codes:

Intuit uses several charge codes. If you’ve made purchases or payments, you might notice any of the following codes on your statement:

  1. 18004 intuit
  2. 18004intuit checks
  3. 18004intuit msp
  4. 18004intuit quickbooks
  5. google intuit inc charge
  6. intuit * 800-446-8848 ca
  7. checkcard intuit
  8. 18004intuit checks
  9. 18004intuit quickbooks
  10. google intuit inc charge
  11. pos debit intuit
  12. 18004intuit charge

Other Frequently Searched Charge Codes

Other than INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA, some commonly searched charge codes include:

  1. ADY*Adyen BV Netherlands
  2. WDFI*Doordash Order doordash.com
  3. SQ*Square Purchase squareup.com
  5. SPOTIFY P06-0818600000


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i have 2 charges on my account that is not authorized.

September 16, 2023

i have these 2 charges on my bank account that is not authorized. how do i get it to stop? there is no phone number to contact anyone.

Lisa Mojarro