2211 TSAN JOSE Charge on Debit Card

Charge Statement Code: 2211 TSAN JOSE

What is 2211 TSAN JOSE Charge on Credit Card, Debit Card, and Banking Statements?

Have details or insights regarding the 2211 TSAN JOSE charge? Your expertise can help others. Please share in the comments below, and provide links and company contact information. This charge could be related to Paypal. However, please confirm.

Contact Information:

Address: 2211 North First Street San Jose, California 95131 USA
Phone Number: 888-221-1161
Email: Information Needed Please Comment
Paypal Website: www.paypal.com


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Potential Charges Noticed on Your Bank Statements

Customers are advised to be vigilant and keep an eye out for various charges that could appear on their bank records. Transactions may come from the following entities:

  1. BRAINB1
  2. 50 BEALE ST
  3. B 2 S
  5. Google Tiktok Live

Regularly checking and understanding your bank statements can help you identify and address any unexpected charges promptly.

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November 28, 2023

The charge originally showed up with a name like SARAKEMP201-PAYPAL. i looked into it and cannot find any merchant that could possibly assume this name, nor do I know anyone with said name! As I looked through my PayPal [because this is a “PayPal authorized charge”] the charge could not be found anywhere – which begs the question of how do my normal PayPal charges show up? Lo and behold they all coincide with the bank statements. THIS IS FRAUD