NICOSIA Charge On Credit Card – Is it Legit?

nicosia cyp credit card or banking charge

Understanding the “nicosia cyp” Charge On Your Bank or Credit Card Statement

Have you recently spotted a transaction labeled “nicosia cyp” on your bank or credit card statement and are wondering what it relates to? You’re not alone. We’ve received multiple reports from our users about this mysterious charge.

About the “nicosia cyp” Charge

The “nicosia cyp” transaction often originates from companies or merchants based in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. It’s crucial to review your purchases and see if any of them correlate with businesses operating from this location.

Contact Information

If you suspect that the charge is linked to a specific company, it’s best to contact them directly. If you’re uncertain about the origin, reach out to your bank or credit card company. They often have more details about the transaction and can assist you in resolving any concerns.

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have specific contact details for “nicosia cyp.” However, regularly checking back or subscribing to our updates might provide you with more insights in the future.

Variations of the NICOSIA CYP Charge on Credit Card Statements

Various representations of the NICOSIA CYP charge might appear on your credit card statement. It’s essential to be aware of these variations to identify any unexpected transactions promptly. Some of the common ways this charge might be displayed include:

NICOSIA CYP*XXX and fiverreu nicosia cy cyp
FiverrEU Nicosia CYP Nicosia Cy Cyp

It’s crucial to review your statements regularly and reach out to your bank or credit card provider if you spot any unfamiliar charges, regardless of the slight variations in their representation.

nicosia cyp

Common Charge Codes Customers May Encounter

Customers should be aware that their credit card statements might also feature various other charge codes that might seem unfamiliar at first glance. Some of these include:

  • STARBUCKS CHARGE: This charge typically pertains to purchases made at Starbucks outlets or their online platform.
  • GOOGLE SUPERCELL: This is usually associated with in-app purchases or digital products from the game developer, Supercell, via the Google Play Store.
  • WPY: A generic payment processing charge, WPY is often linked to online transactions where the specific merchant utilizes WePay as their payment gateway.
  • 2211 NORTH FIRST STREET: This address is often linked to charges from PayPal, as it’s one of their primary operation centers. Any transactions processed through PayPal might have this address associated with the charge on your statement.

Always ensure that you recognize and validate all charges on your statement. If something seems off or unfamiliar, it’s a good practice to contact your card issuer or bank to clarify or report the suspicious activity.

Help the Community

If you’ve dealt with this charge before and have information about its legitimacy or context, please share your experiences. Your input is invaluable in maintaining the safety and accuracy of financial transactions for everyone. Your collaboration helps in understanding and potentially rectifying unknown bank charges.

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Scammed too

January 18, 2024

Been trying to stop further money being taken from my account but can’t get hold of the company!

Joanne Jenkins

Forgotten charge

January 18, 2024

Nibble Nicosia is associated with service providing “knowledge” or learning snippets. Makes more beneficial use of time instead of mindless scrolling. 🙂

G Zultner

Un authorized charge

December 24, 2023

Onno 5153


IAP GETLIFT CYP NICOSIA charged every single month since august for something that I did not sign up of

November 19, 2023

the charge is in US dollar $19.99


66.57 charged on my mc

October 11, 2023

charged on my walmart master card

Ruby Rose-Marie Barfuss

NICOSIA charged every single month since July for something that I did not sign up of

October 1, 2023

Why it had been charged every single month since July for something that I did not sign up for? I’m Asking for a refund 231 to my Australian Mastercard account. My last 3 digits number is XXX

Susmita majhi

Nicosia Fraudulent charges since April 2023

September 22, 2023

I’ve been charged every month since April 2023 for something I did not sign up for. I’m asking for a refund of $414.31 to my Canadian Tire Mastercard account. The last 4 digits are 5555 Thank you

Wael Ismail