Veradyn Charge on Credit Card – Is It Legit or a Scam?

Charge Statement Code: Veradyn or Veradyn West Bangor PA

What is Veradyn Charge on Credit Card, Debit Card and Banking Statements?

Have details or insights regarding the veradyn west bangor pa charge on credit card? Your expertise can help others. Please share in the comments below, and provide links and company contact information. Some are saying reporting a Veradyn scam and Veradyn fraud, please confirm if you believe this is the case.

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What is veradyn

Veradyn is a charge code that appears on banking and financial apps. The company behind the charge is currently unknown.

Veradyn charge on my Barclays Visa Card

September 21, 2023

I just got an SMS from +49 177 178 23 23 “Barclays Kartensicherheit: Bitte antworten Sie mit JA, wenn Sie alle nachfolgenden Transaktionen kennen. Mit NEIN, wenn nicht. Barclays Kreditkarte: 19.09.2023, 0,00 EUR, Veradyn (abgelehnt). Bis zu Ihrer Rückmeldung werden wir die Nutzung Ihrer Karte einschränken. Ihr Barclays Sicherheitsteam” I Check my Barclays App and realized 2 Veradyn charge with 0,00 €. I called Barclays Support (Not this but the support number in the app). The told me that the number in the SMS is NOT a Barclays number. The locked my credit card and will sent me a new one.

Markus Schyska

Veradyn WEST BANGOR 17314 and GoogleAdwordsEU ADS667 Dublin

September 16, 2023

I was charged 0,57 and 0,01 euros. Prior I was charged for 10 euros by GoogleAdwordsEU ADS667 Dublin. After these attempts, my card was suspended by my bank because of suspicious transactions. I ended up blocking the card because probably someone has stolen the card number.


Unauthorized Charge of $.57 on my debit card from Veradyn

September 16, 2023

Don’t know what this is for and have reported it to my bank as an unauthorized charge. All of a sudden I have several unauthorized charges on my card.

Robert Murphy

veradyn west charge on my credit karma card

September 15, 2023

I have a $.76 charge from whoever this is,i never heard of them and some how they tried to charge my card it was declined.


scam charge from Veradyn today on a credit card of mine

September 6, 2023

I got a scam charge from Veradyn today on a credit card of mine. I only use temporary virtual cards when purchasing online then I delete them after use. So this charge did not go through for them it was declined for these Jerks. But I looked in my back records for this card number they tried to charge and the only place I ever used that card was at to purchase coils for my vape device. So that means either they are trying to scam under the Veradyn name or their website was compromised and credit card information was leaked. Either way, they didn’t get Anything from me. I hope this information helps others in some way to narrow down how it might have happened to you.


Q charged 0.19 cents on 09/03/2023

September 3, 2023

I don’t know why or what I was charged for. If it is a subscription to something please cancel and I would like a refund, please. Thank you

Penny Ray

Veradyn has charged .66 on my debit card

August 29, 2023

Thus is something that was un authorized I have been having several unauthorized items on my card in the last few days that I’m fighting with.

Belinda Gorby