UNIQUE VAC REP OF SAND Credit Card Charge – Is it Legit?

The charge code UNIQUE VAC REP OF SAND or unique vac/rep of sand that appears on your credit card or bank statement can be associated with multiple types of transactions.

What is the charge code: UNIQUE VAC REP OF SAND?

Without more context, it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact business or service linked to this charge code. It could potentially be related to a vacation or travel company due to the term “VAC”. If it’s linked to a specific company in the travel industry, it might represent a charge for a booked trip, accommodation, or another travel-related service. Our users are reporting that this is from Sandals Resorts. We have provided the contact information for Sandals. Please confirm with your bank or financial institution if you still have questions.

Sandals Resorts Contact Information:

Address: Kent Ave, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Phone Number: 888-726-3257
Europe: +44 207-581-9895
Email: info@sandals.com
Website: www.Sandals.com

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Sandals Resorts - Unique Rep of Sand Explained

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 15, 2023

I got this charge after booking my Scuba class and Spa treatments at Sandals resort for the cost of both services. It’s a charge from Sandals Resorts in Grenada.

Ricky Small